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Portland Roofing Technologies is a full service commercial roofing company. Our crews are experienced in shingle, single ply, TPO, PVC, EPOM, and Metal material roof systems and many more.

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Roofing Replacement
Single Ply

Bitumen is a type of asphalt product that can be applied in a number of ways to the roof in both hot and cold temperatures. Modified bitumen roofs have a lot of advantages over other types of membrane roofing, and are often see as the modern alternative to the built up roof.

The expert roofers at PRT are trained to work with many different types of commercial roofing systems including various bitumen roofing materials.

Metal Roof

Portland Roofing Technologies has been setting up metal roofs for 10 years and now we are happy to announce that we will begin producing the metal panels that we set up.

We already have experience making many of our own metal products, like metal flashings of all types, chimney caps, seamiess gutters, and other roof items to enhance the metal roofs we have installed in the past.

Are you considering installing a metal roof on your building? Like every roof, metal roofs have their own pro’s and con’s.

  • Financial: Many individuals are reluctant to set up metal roof products, simply due because the upfront expenses are so high. Nevertheless, when compared with conventional asphalt roofs, lots of metal roof owners really save in the long run.
  • Longer Life: A metal roof can have a ife span of 50 years or more, with a life time guarantee. A typical building owner with an asphat roof will change their roof every 10-40 years. A metal roof might effectively be the last roof you ever install.
  • Lower Insurance: A metal roof might also decrease your property owner’s insurance coverage. Depending upon exactly what insurance provider you are with and exactly what policy you have. Metal roofs are more fire resistant and hold up much better in natural catastrophes than other roofing products.
  • Naturaly Energy Reliable: Metal is naturally excellent at refiecting the sun’s heat. This can be a big plus for individuals who invest a great deal of cash cooling their buildingin the summer season.
  • Versatile: Metal is growing in popularity as a flexible altemative. We provide various colors, densities and styles of metal roofs: such as shake, slate, standing joint, tile and metal shingles.


Keep an eye out our blog! We’ll get more in depth about the specifics of each of our metal roof alternatives there.

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Asphalt shingle roofing will always be popular. Plenty of commercial building with sloped roofs depend on asphalt shingles for weather protection. This roofing option is among the most affortdable, and gives building owners many shingle styles and colors to choose from.

The expert roofers at PRT are trained and certified to work with many different types of commercial roofing systems including shingles.


You have a lot invested in your roof system. It is one of the major “assets” of your building. Many roof manufacturers agree that nothing is more critical to your roofs long-term cost performance than establishing a program of regular maintenance.

And many of then require it for their warranty. Failure to perform and document regular can be the basis of an insurance carrier denying payment, even on a legitimate claim.

We can help protect your roof system for as little as 1% of it’s replacement value annually (depending on your roofs age and complexity). 

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Contact us about your residential jobs too. We offer free estimates on roof Replacements.

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